Alaska plane crash: four people were killed and the search continues for the pilot

На Аляске разбился самолет: четыре человека погибли, продолжаются поиски пилота

In the state of Alaska, United States, crashed the light tourist plane. The plane crash killed four citizens of Poland, reports

According to the Polish Consulate, the flight was supposed to take a group of nine tourists.

“It was a group of nine people, but five people decided not to fly. Four people were left, all were killed,” – said the honorary Consul in anchorage Stanislav Borutzky.

The tragedy occurred on the slopes of mount Thunder Mountain, in Denali National Park, at a height of 3.3 thousand meters.

At the moment, the crash rescue operation continues, complicated by bad weather. The bodies of four of the poles had been discovered, the search continues for the pilot of the American. Rescuers report that there are still a small possibility that he survived.

As a reminder, previously in Switzerland crashed aircraft “Junkers-52” (Junker JU52 HB-HO) of 1939 edition, which was used as a pleasure craft and for the transportation of tourists. At the moment of failure onboard there were 17 passengers and three crew members. No one survived.

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