Alcohol and tobacco at the high dose are age more quickly


Published the 14.11.2017 at 12h41


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According to a study published in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health, alcohol and tobacco make the consumer more old than her age, but everything is a question of quantity. If alcohol and tobacco are bad for your health, they only make you age physically as in the case of fat consumption. In fact, according to the researchers, there was no difference in the signs of ageing between the drinkers mild or moderate and non-drinkers.
The researchers based their findings on information from more than 11,500 adults, including heart health and the signs of aging visible were followed during 11.5 years on average. This study, which began in 1976, has followed a random sample of Danes over the age of 20 living in the Copenhagen region.

Search criteria stringent

Before each clinic visit, participants were interviewed about their lifestyle and their overall state of health. Each should indicate his / her consumption of tobacco and alcohol. Four signs of aging important, previously linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease or death, were listed : the folds of the lobe of the ear, a ring or an arc of color opaque greyish around the peripheral cornea of both eyes (arcs corneal), patches of yellow-orange on the eyelids (xanthélasma) and male pattern baldness.
The average age of participants was 51, but ranged from 21 to 86 years for women and from 21 to 93 years for men. The average consumption of alcohol was 2.6 glasses per week for women and 11.4 for men. A little more than half of women (57%) and about two-thirds of men (67%) were current smokers.

The results are without appeal

The analysis of patterns of consumption revealed a risk is always higher to be older than the actual age and develop arcs corneal, folds of the ear lobe and xanthélasma among those who smoked and drank heavily.
For example, compared with a weekly alcohol consumption of up to 7 lenses, a total of 28 or more was associated with an increased risk of 33% of arc for women.
Similarly, compared to not smoking, smoking a pack of 20 cigarettes per day between 15 and 30 years was associated with an increased risk of 41% among women and 12% among men.

However, while the researchers took into account a series of factors which may be influential, they have put aside the stress factor that is associated both with the risk of cardiovascular disease, smoking and alcohol consumption higher.