Alex Harvey won a bronze medal at Tour de Ski

Photo: Andreas Solaro, Agence France-Presse
Alex Harvey found himself in a quartet in a sprint unleashed to the finish line.

Quebec’s Alex Harvey got his first podium this season on the circuit of the world Cup cross-country skiing, Saturday, when he won the bronze medal in the 15 km mass start Tour de Ski.


Harvey found himself in a quartet in a sprint unleashed to the finish line and completed the race with a time of 38 minutes and 41.2 seconds.


He conceded nine-tenths of a second to the eventual winner, the Kazakh Alexey Poltoranin, and a half-second to russia’s Andrey Larkov. Switzerland’s Dario Cologna has led to the foot of the podium, 1.4 second of Harvey.


“This was a good result, especially in classic. This is my first podium in the classic ski since the world Championships in 2015, and it’s really good to have been able to achieve it on a course as difficult, ” said Harvey, it was the 25th world Cup medal and his eighth career podium in the Tour de Ski.


Harvey has had a lot of success at the penultimate stage of the Tour de Ski, where he finished second and third in the classic race. One of his five medals earned at the World championships has been obtained in Val di Fiemme, where he finished third in a sprint race classic in 2013.


The founder of Saint-Ferréol-les-Neiges is hoisted in the head of the pack, and remained there during the first 10 kilometers of the race.

“I knew that some guys were having trouble, so I tried to really lead the pace today. I felt good and I took my responsibilities, because I really wanted to make things difficult, ” mentioned Harvey.


“After the second round, the guy in the front started to push the pace and I was able to accompany them, he continued. It was played from there. “


Harvey has escaped with a group of five smelters in the fifth of six rounds. In the last loop of 2.5 km, the only Canadian entered was in a group of four at the front of the peloton.


“I pulled my turn on the front. It was hard, but I knew that it was for all the world. When we had a small break, I wanted to ensure that we can continue. Dario [Cologna] and I have done a lot of work. He was fourth in the sprint, then we have perhaps used a bit of energy, but we were able to separate [some of the best skiers in the general classification]. “


After six of the seven races of the Tour de Ski, Cologna dominates under a chrono cumulative of two hours, 20 minutes and 37.7 seconds. It is followed by Poltoranin, 1:14,4, Russian Sergey Ustiugov, to 1:21,5, and Harvey, 1:22,7.


“The objective tomorrow will be not too much work on the dishes, but to stay in the race, a summary of Harvey, la. I want to save my energy for the climb, but not to be caught by the guy behind me. This is not my favorite race, but the guys around me are all in the same boat. “


For the ladies, norway’s Heidi Weng won the 10 km mass start in 29 : 07,9. It has moved ahead in the order, the Finnish Krista Parmakoski and the Austrian Teresa Stadlober. No melter canadian has not taken the departure of this event.


Sunday, the skiers will take part in a further 9 km, which will culminate at the summit of Alpe Cermis, of which the slope reaches a point 25 percent.