Alex Nevsky: the Neon Heart

CRITICISM / Listen to a record by Alex Nevsky is a bit like reading a novel by Alexandre Jardin. We sail in love stories full of fantasy and invention. On stage, it is quite another thing, it is the unleashing of the passions, the successive burning, song by song.
Normally, at least.
I do not know what was in the air yesterday at Imperial. “Hush, listen!” Felt forced to throw a few fans as Nevsky began to sing I’ll have hands . It must be said that the spectators seemed to have many things to say to each other … It was frankly disturbing in the slower songs, where decibels amps were no longer enough to cover the incessant roar of the voices.
Nevsky apparently did not care, wrapped up in his songs. He nevertheless skillfully told a screaming spectator that he really loved her, but that he would love her even more if she listened to her next song in silence. Let’s say that his “Thank you for listening” at the end of the show, even if it seemed sincere, sounded quite ironic to our ears.
He opened with an electrifying version of The Beauty , then revisited Living Poor by linking him with The Bed of Possibilities . An input full of keyboards, with battery and bass to the floor. The walls vibrated, and fortunately it eventually ended up moving the bodies instead of the jaws.
The voice and rhythms of Nevsky and his quartet of musicians are still interesting to listen to. Laurence Lafond-Beaulne resumed in her magnificent voice the part of Pirate Heart on Cast a Spell , and one did not lose at the change. Koriass went on stage, under the hysterical cries, to awaken the sleeping child .
evsky played choirmaster for oh oh oh The heart pretty big , with a neon heart in the background. There were only lights – and Alex Nevsky’s sequined jacket – to dress up the songs. The whole thing ended on a beautiful flight, at least, but without allowing us to be totally intoxicated by the experience.
Nerbornne and Ria Mae
Laurence Nerbornne opened the dance with the dancing pieces of her album XO , refreshing and full of candor. Supported by a drum, a keyboard and sometimes by his own pre-recorded voice, Nerbornne quietly captivated the crowd with his electro pop. She seemed a bit out of breath at times, but we were still able to appreciate the acute assumed and the modulated voice of the young woman.
Ria Mae had more trouble burying the discussions of the compact crowd come to hear Alex Nevsky. The singer-songwriter from Halifax (who has just settled in Montreal, she has learned in French) has nevertheless delivered a solid vocal performance, accompanied simply by her guitar. His textured folk was the dark part of the program of the evening.

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