Alexander Galt joins the great Quebecers

Alexander Tilloch Galt, Member of Parliament for Sherbrooke in the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada from 1853 to 1867, is now part of the Québec Cultural Heritage Register as a historical figure. He joined several influential personalities in the history of Quebec, such as Samuel de Champlain, Jeanne Mance, Louis Cyr, Félix Leclerc and René Lévesque, to name but a few.

The hon. Member for Sherbrooke Luc Fortin made the announcement on the occasion of the swearing in of new Canadians on Saturday at Jacques-Cartier Park.

“It’s a restricted list,” he says. There are not hundreds of people on it. ”

The list of historical figures in Quebec has only 95 names. Several politicians find themselves there, but also artists and influential figures in the history of Quebec.

“He is one of the Fathers of Confederation,” continues Luc Fortin. There are only 36 of them, and among them we have a Sherbrooke. It has helped to found the political system in which we live at the moment. ”

“He’s one of my predecessors,” he notes with a smile. ”

Born in London in 1817, Alexander Galt immigrated to Canada in 1828 with other members of his family. He was appointed clerk at the office of the British American Land Company in Sherbrooke in 1835. In 1843 he became secretary of the company and was appointed the following year as commissioner, He occupied for twelve years.

Alexander Galt also became involved in the St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railway Company, of which he became president in 1849. This railway, linking Montreal and Sherbrooke to the Atlantic Ocean, Was completed in 1853.

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A major street in the city of Sherbrooke now bears its name, as is the Alexander Galt High School in the borough of Lennoxville.