Alexei Navalny apologized to people for being unsympathetic

Head of FBK Alexei Navalny admitted lack of compassion to Ulyukayev and asked for forgiveness from the people for callousness. The opposition leader said that the former head of the RF Ministry will always remain for him a Chairman of the Board of shareholders of VTB, who tried to silence him.


Navalny said that the speaker was always on the same side with the corrupt, encouraged them and assisted. According to him, the speaker deserves such an amount of sympathy which provides for the “formula Ildar Dading”. This implies that by Ulyukayev and all system liberals, arrested after, you need to show as much sympathy, how much the speaker showed Dadina, when he was subjected to torture in prison. In the end, that number turned to zero. Zero, according to the oppositionist, the former head of the MAYOR will receive.

However, the Bulk estimated last word of the former Minister. Head of FBK stressed that all thought that they created the system they used and rejected, and only said Alexei Ulyukayev. The opposition leader also apologized to people for what at the time made them very little and compromises with the authorities.