Alexei Pushkov called strike US hiobject a fake

State and public figure of Russia Alexei Pushkov believes that the airstrike of the US hiobject in Syria is nothing more than a fake.

Pushkov said that the so-called bombing of chemical facilities in Syria just a view, and residents of the city Duma “calmly” walking down the street and not die in convulsions from homatropine.

We remind that on April 14 the US, UK and France launched missile strikes on facilities allegedly used for development of chemical weapons. It was released a 105 “smart” missiles, more than half of which was shot down by Syrian air defenses of the Soviet production. No injuries, so the Republic has suffered only material damage. Local residents did not support a finding of a chemical attack.

In the evening after the attack at a meeting of the UN Security Council, Russia put forward a draft resolution condemning the aggression against Syria by the Western Troika and demanding its cessation. The document was not accepted because it was not typed necessary number of votes.