All inclusive: how not to gain too much during the holidays

All inclusive: як не набрати зайвого під час відпустки

How not to gain too much during the holidays

Summer convincing is gaining momentum, and with it the holiday season. It’s time to go to the sea, lying in the sun and relax from the everyday routine. But the biggest enemy of our health and shape during the holidays is all inclusive.

The most difficult is to control yourself, because during the holidays on all inclusive already eyes run from a variety of tasty and interesting food. Admit it, you also gained a little bit of everything just to try, and the result is on your table was up to a dozen plates with different Goodies? That’s why our experts tell you what to do, not to gain too much and how to eat right during the holidays.

All about proper and balanced diet during the holidays we told Olga Dorosh: the human physiologist, chemist, biologist, expert on nutrition, founder of the School healthy lifestyle ActiveLife.

All inclusive: prepare your body in advance

If you are going to eat everything and to spend your vacation at the Swedish stand – then be sure to buy a zantac and activated carbon, to somehow revive your body. The fact that you went to all inclusive is not synonymous with the words “now I can do everything” – said Olga Dorosh.

All inclusive: як не набрати зайвого під час відпустки

Do not forget about the rest / Mia Reef Isla Mujeres

On the contrary, you have the opportunity to spend more time on yourself, your power and then the rest really succeed.

But if there is indeed a problem with the control, then think about apartments and half Board to reduce the temptations. Studies have been conducted in which it became clear that the people in charge to move to 65% more than usual, in addition, more than 50% of the hotel’s residents additionally take food from the Breakfast to the room.

How to control yourself?

First of all, it is worth a moment to think why you came on vacation: to eat or relax. If you “zgrba” from the buffet all that I see, I really question how not to gain extra pounds you just not worth it. Eat!

If you stay is the opportunity to lie down all day on the beach with a beer and a plate of sweets, that too has nothing to do with health. So be honest with yourself and give yourself the answer that you have for your vacation and what you actually want.

I always lose 1-3 kg in vacation just because I have time to eat normally, a lot of walking, exploring a new country and its culture. The Swedish hour – tenth that interests me on vacation.

If you want to eat right – choose the most useful (sorry for the tautology) products with the Swedish line.

Buffet: what to choose in order to not feel bad?

Now at buffets in hotels, you can find everything you need for a healthy diet. Last time in my hotel in Dubai was even mung beans sprouts (bean crop, widely grown in South Asia) and sunflower.

Suggest to choose vegetable salads, greens, fruits and berries, low-fat vegetable soups or cream soups, cheeses. Looking for fish dishes, because the holiday by the sea – a great opportunity to eat seafood and fish.

All inclusive: як не набрати зайвого під час відпустки

Prefer fish and seafood / veneratour

If you really want to try something useless – choose a piece, taste and savor. You’re not a garbage to throw all fatty, fried and sweet.

Use life hack – choose a table away from the rows of food. This will reduce the desire to go for more, because on vacation we are particularly lazy.

It is better not to eat simple carbohydrates (sweets, pizza, pasta), and choose a protein (fish, meat, eggs) with vegetables (greens, salads, steamed vegetables, grilled), which contain a lot of fiber helpful for digestion and perfectly satisfy hunger and also give a long time to feel full. Try not to eat at least 2 hours before bedtime.

Drink water. Forget about carbonated drinks, because there is nothing useful!

Everyone knows that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What is Breakfast to the rest day began perfectly?

Breakfast: start the body without the encumbrance of the

Definitely don’t take the Breakfast cereals, fruit yoghurts and juices, cold cuts and bread for sandwiches. All at home and all this has no benefit because it is sugar and fat, and after an hour again you will want to eat. Choose omelettes or boiled eggs, vegetables, legumes (perfect lentils, for a long time gives a feeling of satiety) or cereal, fresh fruit and berries, dairy products.

All inclusive: як не набрати зайвого під час відпустки

Breakfast – very important meal / Holiday Hypermarket

Also, try to refrain from fatty and fried foods. If I can not resist at all, limit yourself and eat a little. If you eat satisfying – not always hold the fruit, as you will feel the heaviness. Leave them on the bite.

Breakfast sweet with coffee just is not an option for those who want to have a slim figure and beautiful skin. Therefore, croissants with coffee leave on the spot.

Interesting detail for those who have a sweet tooth: sugar has the ability to “glue” proteins of the skin, as it stimulates the processes of aging, so choose the cake or the youthfulness of the skin.

Alcoholic beverage – another satellite all inclusive. We will not open to you America, you don’t need us to know that “hot” drinks negatively affect our health.

To give up alcoholic drinks while on vacation?

The all inclusive alcohol: For or Against

If you want to lose weight during the holidays – give up alcohol. Alcohol itself is caloric, but to different kinds of smoothies and add supplements: various syrups, where a large amount of sugar. This cocktail could easily have 200 and 300 kcal!

All inclusive: як не набрати зайвого під час відпустки

From cocktails it is better to refuse / St Raphael Resort

Alcohol stimulates the appetite, so you overeat. If you combine booze with a greasy, nourishing food – keep in mind that the body will first burn the alcohol calories, and after that pizza, or sausage. With this combination for 7 days all inclusive easy to gain extra pounds.

If you really want, choose a glass of dry wine. The beer can also be. But do not overdo neither the first nor the second.

In the holiday resort there, but it too needs work. If you think that buying tickets to the sea is all that we have to disappoint you. So after a trip to visit with new impressions and good health you need every day to fight temptation, to abandon everyday life and to be positive.

Looks like a perfect holiday?

Recreation – the opportunity to build a dream and to go to bed early, because there are no jobs, and a dozen urgent matters. Quality sleep will allow your bodies to recover and establish itself. You will really feel healthier and more energetic, slept at least a week as it should be physiologically (in bed before 23:00 and Wake up before 8:00).

The second is the moderation in eating. Discover new dishes, tastes, the local cuisine. Try and enjoy yourself. Relax the 80:20 rule – 80% eat healthy natural foods and the other 20% is what I want to try, and that is very much in love. In the end, if you are on vacation will be in control of every piece and the calorie is also unhealthy.

All inclusive: як не набрати зайвого під час відпустки

Choose more vegetables / CBC

Don’t let the calories take possession of your body. Be active. Go on trips, walk around town, swim, visit the gym, run, take part in animation programs and beach games, dance at the disco.

Be as active!

Do morning exercises. It’s 5-10 minutes of your time that will give you energy for the whole day. Meet and communicate with active people. Don’t be afraid to approach someone who runs in the morning and saprosites tomorrow for a run. So you will find and motivation, and new friends.

All inclusive: як не набрати зайвого під час відпустки

Don’t forget about morning exercises / SSOU

Stay on the program all inclusive is a great opportunity to bring the body into shape. After all, there are all possibilities: time, food (you do not need to cook) and the new country that you can explore the whole stay.

Agree, sounds paradoxical: we’re going to rest, to recover and the result is fatigue and excess weight. Consciously relax, and then you will return the maximum restored, slender and energetic.

Sometimes we are very often looking for excuses during the holidays. For example, it was too much, the gym was not like that. Actually, not to gain too much, you just need to not be lazy. Helpful tips shared with us Marichka Gies – gpanposition and demanding fitness coach, and founder of the Studio ELITE24.

In order not to lose shape on holiday it is worth remembering two important components: follow the diet and activities. Suggest to prefer the healthy and simple food products. And remember even passive recreation can be saturated by activities such as Jogging, swimming, exercise, Hiking, etc.

How to turn “lazy” rest on active?

Move! Well, well, just move. Get yourself active every day, it’s not necessarily on vacation just to lie. Visit the sights. It is better to just walk or get off at two stops before your destination, do not immerse in water, and indeed swim. And use all the possibility of movement, after all, eat tasty pleasure will definitely want.

All inclusive: як не набрати зайвого під час відпустки

Swim every day in the pool / mazzaroseapalace

Of course, there is a perception that the “miraculous” set of exercises will help to get rid of all the excess that you ate during the holidays. But it is better daily to engage in their form, then to not be offended for themselves.

There are no magic set of exercises that will help you avoid weight gain on vacation. However, I advise you to start your day is at leisure with a glass of water, Breakfast, smiles and 10 minutes of charging. What exercises to perform? Everything you can remember from school days. Do the workout from the upper body and moving gradually towards the bottom. Do the exercises slowly, enjoy every movement, and Your body will thank You.

What does a lock, so that after rest, not to beat yourself up?

Refrain from soft drinks, instead, always carry a bottle of water. Keep on hand healthy snacks: nuts, dried fruits, breads, fruits, vegetables. With that in mind and harmony within us. Don’t beat yourself up over an extra slice of cake: so ate, enjoyed, and the house is back to a healthy lifestyle.

All inclusive: як не набрати зайвого під час відпустки

Relax and get new emotions / Parade

Remember, the holidays are different, but we have one, so strive to ensure that your vacation brought you only good and positive emotions.