All information is available : Twitter has detected a breach, users asked to change passwords

 Вся информация доступна : в Твиттере обнаружили брешь, пользователей попросили сменить пароли

“All information available”: the Twitter account has uncovered a security flaw, users asked to change passwords
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Passwords must be kept encrypted for employees of the social network, but was available to the public.

The administration of Twitter has urged users to change their passwords on their accounts. As it turned out, the password could see the employees of the company, and this should not be. This is stated in the official message of the company.

In the administration claim that the data leak was found. As shown by internal validation, allegedly not a single staff member addressed to database passwords. However, Twitter asks its customers to change access codes to the accounts, just in case.

The user of the social network has promised that soon everything will be done to encrypt passwords and make them absolutely reliable.

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