Alla Pugacheva will no longer perform in Christmas show

The organizer and Manager Pugacheva, Alla Borisovna refused all proposals to conduct new year events on all TV channels of Russia.


In the early years of the people’s activist Vadim Manoogian organized a collection of signatures for a petition to update the “range” of artists for a Christmas show. The activist filed a petition, which gathered many signatures. to Konstantin Ernst, said that viewers want to see new faces on the Christmas events. Special attention is paid Manukyan, Alla Pugacheva and said that the singer is long overdue for a well-deserved rest.

Ernst rejected the offer of a young man, and in November held a vote among viewers, providing the candidacy contemporary artists. The results of the vote showed that Grigory Leps, Ani Lorak and singer Nargiz – are the most awaited Christmas show.
In addition, audiences want to see “lights” Serebro, singer Polina Gagarina and Svetlana Loboda. The very same Alla Borisovna said that he will not take part in any Christmas event this year.