Alla Shlapak: making decisions, politicians must listen to people

Алла Шлапак: Принимая решения, политики обязаны прислушиваться к людям

Ukrainian politicians must stop making groundless criticism of any positive initiatives and to engage in constructive dialogue, offering alternatives. Then socio-political changes and reforms in our state will be much faster and more efficient. This broadcast program, ПолитикаUA said the leader of “Social justice” Alla Shlapak.

“Today every politician should not be indifferent to the experiments, changes and reforms needed by society. If someone doesn’t like something – stop to criticize! Discuss and offer their own alternative solutions to certain problems. No need to be silent, and to do everything in order to find a compromise,” – said Alla Shlapak.

She also appealed to all the politicians who make fateful for the country or a particular region of the solution, to look at life through the eyes of ordinary Ukrainians. Then the politicians will be much easier to understand and realize what people want and what problems need to be solved.

“We would like all who make decisions still listened to the people more often used public transport, went outside Kiev and stopped to look at the country through the prism of a big city, because Ukraine is a very rich country, but very varied. The only way to understand what steps and actions you expect from politicians Ukrainians”, – said the leader of “Social justice”

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