American pharmacies banned to edit photos of models in advertising your cosmetics

Американская сеть аптек запретила редактировать фото моделей в рекламе своей косметики

American pharmacies banned to edit photos of models in advertising your cosmetics
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The largest U.S. chain of pharmacies banned to retouch photos of models in advertising its cosmetics. Photo:

Experts believe that processed images a bad influence on the psyche of ordinary women.

The manual largest in the United States online pharmacies CVS made the decision to prohibit the use of graphical editors for retouching photos of models that are used in advertising of cosmetic products. The company said in a statement, reports TASS.

The initiative, which decided to implement the network of pharmacies, called CVS Beauty Mark. It lies in the fact that all major brands are showing people false information. They change the shape of the face models, natural skin color, eye color, and also get rid of age-related changes – wrinkles. When this is actually the makeup does not allow to achieve this result.

After the CVS will introduce a ban on photo retouching, all advertising of online pharmacies will be accompanied by a special icon in the form of hearts, which will inform people that the image of women has undergone editing and is “unrealistic”.

Staff believes that visitors see too beautiful women with perfect skin, size of body parts, which is impossible in real life. Therefore, the pharmacy chain wants to prevent this trend and to push cosmetic brands to refuse solutions.

Company representatives have stated that their idea was supported by almost two-thirds of American women. A local resident also believe that the media have shaped the world’s unrealistic standards of beauty, which is to fight.


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