American students launch an appeal against the firearms

Les élèves américains lancent un appel contre les armes à feu

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Tens of thousands of students enrolled in american schools have left Wednesday their classrooms to demand of their elected officials and the government of Donald Trump concrete measures against firearms.

They were hundreds of middle and high school students to be brought in front of the White House in Washington, d.c., to launch the following call: “Protect our future, not the guns”, or: “The prayers, this is not enough”.

This action throughout the country, called the “National School Walkout”, also aims to pay tribute to the victims of a killing spree at the assault rifle in a high school in Florida, a month to the day after the tragedy.

The national event began at 10: 00 and was supposed to last 17 minutes, or one minute for each of the 17 people killed by gunfire on February 14 at Parkland. But, in many schools, students are expected to exceed this duration.

With a newly formed group in his school district, Alexander Bove, a high school student 16 years of age, has worked for three weeks to organize this event within his high school of Bethesda, in the State of Maryland.

“We hope to advance the cause of legislation on firearms, specifically the prohibition of bump stocks (devices that allow you to shoot in bursts, ED.), the prohibition of assault rifles, to prevent our senators and representatives to earn money from the NRA (first the gun lobby, editor’s NOTE)”, he explained.

The students had made many placards and chanted slogans hostile to the NRA.

“The thoughts and prayers do not stop bullets” of the guns, had a sign held up by a teenage girl.