Amnesty International acknowledged that Russia directly interfere in military conflict in Ukraine

satellite images
satellite images

The international non-governmental human rights organization Amnesty International has recognized that the conflict in eastern Ukraine are international. This was reported on the website of the organization in Ukraine.
The organization released satellite images that indicate the build-up of Russian weapons and artillery in eastern Ukraine.
“The evidence that we have indicate that Russia is fueling the conflict through direct intervention, as well as by supporting separatists in Eastern Ukraine., Russia must stop the smooth flow of weapons and other assistance to the separatists, as they engage in serious violations of human rights in the region “- said the secretary general of Amnesty International Salil Shetty, who is on an official visit to Kiev.
Researchers Amnesty International documented cases of indiscriminate shelling by artillery fire, kidnappings, torture and killings in eastern Ukraine.
“The Kremlin repeatedly denied any involvement in the fighting in Ukraine, but satellite images and testimony collected by the organization, demonstrate the undeniable evidence that hostilities escalated into what Amnesty International is now considering as an international armed conflict” – the in the message.
Amnesty International published a series of satellite images, which show the position of artillery, placed directly within the borders of Ukraine from 13 to 29 August, including artillery units – apparently caliber howitzer 122 mm D-30 – which are to the west. The two positions are combat support machines and objects that look like bunkers.
“These satellite images, the detention of Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine and eyewitness accounts of the movement of the Russian armed forces and military equipment across the border leaves no doubt that now is an international armed conflict”, – said Shetty.

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