Amnesty international demands to pacify Ukrainian radicals

 Международная амнистия  требует усмирить украинских радикалов

“Amnesty international” demands to pacify Ukrainian radicals
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Human rights activists criticized the inaction and connivance of the authorities.

The human rights organization “Amnesty international” (Amnesty International) issued a statement addressed to the Ukrainian authorities. The reason for the requirements was the recent attack of radicals on the event.

– The Ukrainian authorities consistently show failure to prevent and adequately respond to the violence by right-wing groups, which is continuously increasing starting in 2015. Victims of such violence and threats of violence, among them women activists and activists for LGBT rights, leftist activists, Roma families, other persons and groups remain vulnerable to further attacks, intimidation and aggression. With rare exceptions, such as Kievprayd in June 2017, and they remain without effective protection, and nothing suggests that the authorities are considering measures for the comprehensive protection of the vulnerable to right-wing violence groups, not to mention the fact that they were implemented in practice – referred to in the official statement published on the website of Amnesty International.

According to human rights organizations in Ukraine condoned bullying that opens the way for total impunity. They demand from the authorities a policy of zero tolerance.

Over the past 12 months Amnesty International has recorded at least 30 such attacks by members of right-wing groups. In all these cases except one, the attackers go unpunished. It gave carte Blanche to the planning and implementation of further attacks, – the statement says.

Members of the organization cite the example of the failure of the open public event “Attack on LGBTI rights as a form of censorship: the Experience of Russia”, which was to be held at the site Underhub in Kiev on 10 may. Shortly before the dispute arrived at the scene more than 20 right-wing activists threatened violence if the audience does not leave the premises. Five employees of the Pechersk district police station refused to intervene. Human rights activists saw the head of police is on friendly terms with the leader of the group of attackers and heard how the police used homophobic expressions.

Only after the arrival of armed reinforcements from patrol police blocked the building, the participants were able to safely leave it. None of the attackers was detained.

The statement also provides other examples of assault on a March of women in Kiev, 8 March, March “Sorority. Support” in Lvov, the massacre at camp Roma.

Amnesty International calls on the Ukrainian authorities to take the following:

  1. To publicly acknowledge the problem and escalate it, while condemning all forms of violence and threats of violence from right-wing groups and adhere to a clear policy of “zero tolerance” to this phenomenon.
  2. Under this policy, to assume obligations to ensure full respect for and effective protection of fundamental human rights for all people in Ukraine, including the right to freedom of expression and peaceful Assembly, the right to liberty and security and so on.
  3. Promptly, effectively and impartially investigate all incidents of violence and all the documented threats of violence, identify the perpetrators and bring them to justice in fair trial.
  4. To take immediate action against all reasonably plausible threats of planned attacks, which became known, including by ensuring effective protection of the planned activities carried out on such subjects and such persons who regularly become the target of radical groups in the past.
  5. To refrain from any action, meaning a support, openly or not, groups that deal with violence and/or violations of human rights or promote them, including discrimination on the grounds of nationality, sexual or gender identity or peaceful expression of views.
  6. Investigate all known cases of using discriminatory or homophobic language police and other government officials and to take appropriate disciplinary and other measures against perpetrators;
  7. To provide the police with clear guidelines, and work instructions for the protection of individuals and groups and their activities, which are targeted by right-wing groups, and to provide relevant police units all the necessary resources and training necessary for this purpose;
  8. To create a special group for monitoring, if necessary, improve the intelligence activities of the police against planned attacks, aggression and threats directed at individuals or groups who regularly become targets of right-wing groups to ensure the effectiveness of measures and effective protection of vulnerable groups and persons;
  9. Actively draw on available expertise and to support initiatives of public organizations, journalists, scientists and others to achieve these goals.