Amos J. happy and relieved

(Lac-Brome) Eliminated in the quarterfinal of La Voix on Sunday night, Amos J. closed a chapter of his life that lasted eight months. Far from being downcast, the singer seemed rather calm and firmly anchored.

“I feel remarkably well and happy. In fact, I am very relieved to finally be able to return to my life. I would not change my course at La Voix , but it was very demanding on my time and energy … to the point where I doubted a bit of wanting to win, “said the songwriter of Lac-Brome when La Voice of the East made a phone call to him on Monday afternoon.

Too stressful? “No, I did not live The Voice with much stress. I was a bit nervous during the performance, of course, but it was more fatigue. There have been intense moments and very long working days in recent weeks, “he said, recalling his role as a dad and his profession as a professional musician.

People have talked a lot since Sunday about the choice of the song – Your Song by Elton John – and the staging surrounding his performance, including the imposing retro microphone that hid part of his face. “It does not matter,” he said. I could complain, but in the end, it’s performance that counts. I experienced so much experience that I can not be disappointed. I have no regrets. ”

Except one. “Maybe I could have asked a little more what I wanted … I was a good soldier,” he says. Yes, some songs lit it more than Your Song . “I did what they wanted and I understood their decision,” he says.

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As for the fact that it was Louis-Paul Gauvreau and his death metal that got the favor of the public and the coaches, Amos J. says not to be surprised “at all”. “This guy is a sensation on YouTube. It opens the way! We knew he would win; It’s so refreshing for the format of the show  ! This is not my style of music, but Louis-Paul educated me on it and I began to enjoy! He laughs.


During his passage on the show, the charm of Amos J. obviously operated. Henceforth, the thirty-year-old man finds it difficult to circulate in public places without being recognized. And that’s how it is in Montreal. “Everywhere, in fact, where there is a francophone population,” he astonished.

“It’s a little crazy. I love people, but I have to put on my hood and walk faster! In Quebec, on the other hand, people are very respectful. ”

For Amos Joannides, there might well be one before and one after La Voix . “I have a much clearer vision of what I want to do with my next album. And I have a lot of technical ideas. In this experience, what I have learned most from everyone, both coaches and mentors, is that it is not cliché to say you have to be yourself. I found my way. ”

This new opus, he dreams to launch it this year. But one thing at a time. The singer first wants to agree a few days of rest. Discussions have begun with local people; The idea of ​​having a team interests him. “I also think that I could be an independent artist. Why not ? ”

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But he will not hesitate, he says, to compose the cellular number that Isabelle Boulay gave him and which he keeps preciously. “She taught me so much. I would still work with her with pleasure! ”

After meeting with big names in the Quebec show business and sung in front of millions of viewers, Amos J. could have the big head.

Yet not. Behind him is heard the babbling of his little boy. Nothing better to keep both feet on the ground!