An administrator of the SSJB supports Boucher’s approach

Half a dozen current members of the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Society of the diocese of Sherbrooke, including a diocesan council administrator, publicly supported Étienne-Alexis Boucher on Wednesday morning in his efforts to revive Organization by having 505 new members admitted.

“I welcome the public release of these people who disagree with the decisions made by the SSJB. We call on leaders to hear reason and good sense by accepting members and the opportunity to thoroughly renew an organization that is in great need of it, “Boucher said, referring to these supports as” major development ” in the file.

A member of the SSJB for six years and a director elected for a year and a month, Christian Clavet wanted to show up after his internal efforts to get the new members recognized have been in vain, he said.

“I am dissenting at the decision of the board of directors to reject the 505 members deposited by Étienne-Alexis Boucher, who would have given an influx, almost a new life to the Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste. I invite the members of the board of directors to revise their position, “he added.

The administrator was present when the board of directors debated the file two days before the annual general meeting of April 30, when about thirty aspirants were refused entry.

On June 12, he addressed a letter to President Micheline Dupuis to unsuccessfully request that a special meeting be held to reconsider the matter. “We must collaborate in this new openness that is being initiated to ensure that this institution in perdition will last, will radiate and will emancipate itself in the region of the Eastern Townships,” he argues.

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From the inside, Mr. Clavet considers that the activities of the SSJB have become too rare and too formal, even a little fixed. In six years, he said he regularly presented himself at the general assemblies with suggestions to energize the organization and recruit members, “each time it was rejected out of hand.”

The volunteer was obliged to appear four times before being elected administrator.

He also deplores the fact that the organization “rules nose, regardless of the rules”, among other things, the simple statutory sending of the annual general meeting.

“Now we are hiring lawyers to prevent the admission of new members. It’s nonsense! ”

Denis Marchand, a member of the SSJB of Richmond, one of the 13 sections of the SSJB diocesan, questioned the vitality of the Sherbrooke organization compared to other regions of the province.

“Richmond is located 40 kilometers from Sherbrooke and 40 kilometers from Drummondville. In Drummondville, there are 25,000 members and throughout the MRC there will be activities on June 24 and throughout the summer. In Sherbrooke? Very little. Why? How can Drummondville be in constant recruitment campaign with 25,000 members while here we refuse 500 new members? Now, in addition to my $ 5 financial contribution, will I have to provide a DNA sample? ”

Étienne-Alexis Boucher said he had “flushed out” about thirty members of the SSJB of the diocese of Sherbrooke during the last few days and all offered him their support, even though they could not be present at the point of press.