An armed robbery foiled by a sheet of ice

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WATERVILLE – The icy sidewalks may discourage city-dwellers, they can still be useful, as was learned the hard way on Tuesday a thief in Waterville, Maine.

Jason Mackenrodt, 38 years old, robbed a branch of the Bangor Savings Bank on Tuesday morning, armed with what appeared to be a firearm. He then pocketed a sum of money, which has not been disclosed by the police.

The first part of his plan completed, the suspect has fled on the main street of Waterville, to the race.

Wrong it took. “So it ran, Mackenrodt has slipped on the ice and fell, scattering the money while his gun fell from the pocket of his jacket on the floor,” said the local police on his page Facebook.

The bank robber might be able to learn from her misfortune by taking up his race, but the chance has made that it has fallen directly under the eyes of the special agent of the State police, Glen Lang. The latter, seeing the money fly away in the wind and the weapon – a pistol-to-lead – fall to the ground, quickly made the link with the bank to close.

“Mackenrodt has tried to escape, but he was tackled by Lang and brought him into custody,” said police in Waterville.

In the end, the theft of the robber seems to have benefited the citizens of Waterville that to himself, the police made a point of mentioning that members of the public had rushed to pick up the banknotes, which soared.

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