An eighth-generation Pokémon on the Switch?

Une huitième génération Pokémon sur la Switch?

Look at this article

A magazine official Spanish Nintendo would lead you to believe that new Pokémon would make their appearance on the Switch!

Nintendo has distributed the official magazine at the Barcelona International Comic Fair, which was held from 12 to 15 April – where you can see under the section Pokémon the game on Switch would introduce an eighth-generation of our little critters japanese favorite in addition to new mechanics.

The text also mentions a release date in 2018 or later. So, nothing specific yet…

Photos of the magazine have been posted on Twitter by the user raqueruu

Perhaps a game of Pokémon at open world in a new region with real-time battles? Yes, please!

Fans of the series should, however, remain skeptical. Some of the information found in these magazines have already proven to be wrong in the past!

We hope to have more details and official from Nintendo at E3 or during a Direct in the next few months.