An Enhanced Golf Experience at the Lac Megantic Club

A prestigious and original project of signs and markers of the starting tees has just been inaugurated at the golf club of Lake Mégantic. During their next rounds, golfers will get all the information about the route that awaits them with the installation of 18 high-end granite stations. The presentation and celebration of this unique project were made with great fanfare last Thursday.

The project was described as “an exceptional event of regional solidarity” by Paul-Yvon Gagnon, President of the Golf Club. According to him, he should propel the organization to the forefront of golf clubs in Quebec.

“This is a unique project that has been accepted by all granite manufacturers to help the Golf Club who needed it. I want to thank them warmly, “said the president, not to mention a word for all those who were associated with the project. “It is an example of incredible solidarity, a collaboration between the municipal world, the industrialists and the politicians. It would be very good if this story were known, “exclaimed Paul-Yvon Gagnon.

Each sign, which serves as signaling at each of the 18 holes of the club, consists of a base in solid black granite, a trunk of granite gray San Sebastian and a round tray. The base informs the golfers about the sponsors. The trunk, in the shape of a stylized golf bag and lined with an enormously well-made golf ball, supports the board where golfers find the number of the hole, the number of strokes for the normal, the number of yards For each of the tee-offs of the women and men, accompanied by a drawing of the course of the hole showing the sand traps and the streams which serve as natural obstacles.

Each of the signs, in three different granites, very professional in design, is dedicated to each of the 16 municipalities of the MRC du Granit who have agreed to sponsor them.

“It’s special that the golfer who comes from outside will play his round of golf and learn about most of the municipalities that make up our region, because a panel recounting the history, economic strengths and tourist attractions of each Of the Municipalities is juxtaposed with the signal sign of the hole. You know, in the churches, there is a way of the cross. Here, at the golf course, the sportsmen will be able to make a pilgrimage tourist, “laughed Charles Gosselin.

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