An excessive amount of dangerous toys for children – Scientists

Scientists have conducted studies and came to the conclusion that the excessive number of toys have a negative impact on children. It turned out that these children may later face serious psychological disorders, including insufficient development of intelligence.


The experiment consisted in the fact that 36 young children had been taken to two rooms. One of them had four toys and another four times. The children played in both rooms, while experts monitored their behavior. It turned out that with the abundance of toys a child begins to lose his focus dissipated, and he can’t concentrate. In another room the children played with each toy, thinking up different roles.

Studies have shown that children in a small age to give toys at a time, or just don’t download baby with plenty of entertainment. So the child will develop the good quality, try to come up with something new for the game, but otherwise his thinking will be weak, the baby is likely to remain with a low level of intelligence.