An informal meeting in Brussels regarding refugees ended without a final decision

Неформальная встреча в Брюсселе касательно беженцев завершилась без итогового решения

An informal meeting of representatives of the governments of 10 countries of the European Union in Brussels, which was held today, 24 August, ended without results. The Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte has accused EU partners of hypocrisy. About this reports Deutsche Welle.

According to sources, an informal meeting in Brussels, the representatives of the governments tried to negotiate a consensual solution to the problem of refugees rescued in the Mediterranean sea.

After the meeting, Italian Prime Minister Conte on his page in Facebook said the failure to reach a common decision demonstrates the lack of solidarity in Europe. The meeting only increased the gap between words and deeds, which sometimes “turns into hypocrisy,” said Conte.

We remind you that off the coast of Sicily drifting ship of the Italian coast guard Diciotti, on Board which is more than 170 migrants. Today they announced the start of a hunger strike.

Italy has said it will not pay dues with the new year to the EU budget, if not solved the problem of the redistribution of migrants from ships in the Mediterranean sea.

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