An “intense” storm expected on Quebec

Photo: David Goldman, Associated Press
The storm has already hit the atlantic coast of the United States, leaving the ground and the ice and snow up in Florida and Georgia.

A storm “intense” will hit Quebec on Thursday afternoon.


Jean-Philippe Bégin, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, indicates that the adjective “intense” is used when depression takes quickly.


The storm, which was located Wednesday off the coast of Georgia and Carolina, in the United States, is expected to intensify in the next few hours to degenerate into a storm of snow, he explains.


5 to 10 cm are expected over southern Quebec. The centre of the province could receive from 10 to 20 cm, while eastern Quebec will be buried under 20 to 40 cm of snow.


The storm is expected to begin in the late afternoon on Thursday, and then take out of the force during the night and continue during the day Friday.


Jean-Philippe Bégin warns that strong winds will accompany these falls of snow, which will create blowing snow and will make travel by car very difficult in places.


Squalls, ranging from strong to violent should scan the sectors ranging from the Lower St. Lawrence river to the Gaspé peninsula, passing by the Côte-Nord.


Sleet and maybe even a few drops of rain would mingle with the snow in the maritime provinces, on the extreme east of Gaspé and the Lower North Shore, says Mr. Bégin.


Once the storm has passed, a new wave of cold envelop the province. The mercury is expected to plunge into the western Quebec as early as Friday, while the polar temperatures are expected to reach the east of the province in the day on Saturday.