Analysts predict the merger of corporations and Tesla SpaseX

Most famous American analysts believe that in the near future may be the amalgamation of Tesla and SpaseX, and cite the example of a number of objective reasons.


One such reason is the rapid growth in the size of corporations. Experts believe that the CEO of both companies, Elon musk will be difficult to take two dominant post and this will greatly burden his duties. The second reason analysts say the market transformation of electric cars, which Tesla, in the near future, may take not the most advantageous for investors situation. When SpaseX, according to analysts ‘ estimates, promises unprecedented profit growth. Himself Elon Musk is partially confirmed this theory by concluding contracts between Tesla and SpaseX to borrow the production technology and development.

Not long ago, Elon Musk made a statement that will leave the post of head of Tesla, when mass production will put the latest development of the company’s Model 3. However, and here analysts are confident that 90% of investors are not interested in this scenario of events and it is another endorsement of the decision on the merger of two market leading companies with innovative technologies.