Anastasia came to the birthday of the Muslim other without bra

Anastasia Volochkova once again shocked the public with its appearance, came to congratulate the Muslim other in dress without a bra.

Anastasia Volochkova on his page on Instagram published a photo in the signature to which has announced that it has decided to please his friend, Rustam, who had a birthday, fancy cake.

“Our Rustam was his birthday. And I decided to make guys beautiful and unusual cake in the Muslim style,” signed his post Volochkova.
Many fans of Anastasia noted that the cake turned out to be Muslim, but the flamboyant appearance of the ballerina, on the contrary caused only resentment.

Many Internet users drew attention to the fact that Volochkova, congratulating the Muslim other, wearing a slinky dress pink. But putting under the bottom bra ballerina is not considered necessary.

In the photo, the naked eye can see rounded Breasts Anastasia with eye-catching nipples.

This appearance of the ballerina just has angered many fans, who betrayed outfit Volochkova criticism.

However, Anastasia closed the ability to comment on posts in Instagram, so to know the opinion of her followers on the social network, impossible.

We will add that in less than a day photos Anastasia Volochkova with a gift for Thor the Muslim other has collected almost 13.5 thousand likes.