And what news are you interested in?

А какие новости вам интересны?

And what news are you interested in? [question of the day]
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Figure: the Archives of “KP”

MP Oleg Barna suggested to limit the number of Gory details in the criminal news.

Vitaliy kupriy, MP of the Verkhovna Rada:

– Representatives of Pro-government faction trying to limit negative information, because crime news show the real picture of the inactivity of law enforcement bodies and courts. It is also a violation of freedom of speech.

Igor PUPKOV, host of “Today” on the channel “Ukraine”:

– I love when the issue is present in the drive when events are happening here and now. Unfortunately, lately the news is more stringent. In General, if to speak from the point of view of the viewer, for me it is important that the information was useful.

Sergey GORBATOV, mechanic, Zaporozhye:

– My mother-in plasma five years ago had given her for serials convenient. But with the time reading on the Internet only what interests me, and not clog the head.

Irina OKHRIMENKO, sales Manager, Kharkov:

– All important news, including crime, but the details and the blood have less, yet their children are watching, and can see the relatives of the victims. I read everything, but in the news, where in the header is negative, I will not go.

Rima is GREAT, the art Director of a beauty salon, Odessa:

– News in principle, a little interested, I’m more attracted to useful materials – from household tips, ideas for creativity, and ending with stories of people on their own experience showing how to become successful.

Nadezhda LUNEVA, the teacher of the kindergarten, the Dnieper:

– I with this proposal, I agree. The percentage of positive news in television newscasts scanty, and only a crime if the show, in all the horrible details. Children are watching, and even if you don’t know, you still have to it works.

Anna MIKHALCHUK, Manager, Lviv:

– Usually culture news, fashion, life stars, interested in the talent show. Or some loud criminal history shade. But dill not read.

Xenia, PODVINEC, Stallman, Kiev:

– I love entertainment – something funny or amusing. Sometimes polistayu latest stories from the life of stars, jokes, horoscope, recipes.

Oleg, the reader of

– Clearly elections under the plan. Like, peace and quiet, although the window every day, blown up, raped, robbed, murdered.