Andrey Berezhnoy proposed under pain of criminal prosecution to compel the retired officials to live where they had charge

A member of the Federal Council of “party of Business”, the Corporation’s founder Ralf Ringer Andrey Berezhnoy had put forward the initiative, according to which retired officials and their family members (except adult children) under pain of criminal prosecution should live where they had charge. This writes the news Agency REGNUM.


According to Andrey Berezhnoy, Russia needs the emergence of a new accountability mechanism for officials of Federal, regional and municipal level. So they did not perceive their work as “over service”.


In the “Business Party” agree that officials have the right to expect decent wages and social guarantees. But they must understand that they are not ordinary citizens, and their obligation is to benefit people and communities. The duration of your stay official in a particular region, province and city should be dependent on the scale of the region and position. In particular, Andrey Berezhnoy offers the term “settlement” for officials at the municipal level — 5 years.

Interestingly, after passage in the State Duma of the Russian Federation “Party” aimed at the nomination of the said bill with the support of the people. Besides, in the future it will and other such initiatives.