Anfisa Chekhova is going to help full women, starting a flash mob

TV presenter Anfisa Chekhov has removed the series of four videos that will answer the most often asked question: “How have You lost weight?” Their system called Chekhov #Anytimeproperty.


The woman shortly before his high-profile divorce has changed noticeably than happy fans: she got prettier and lost weight. In his blog in Instagram Chekhov recorded preview, which invites all women to participate and view all the videos.

The first video is available for free on the link in the header of the profile of the presenter. In it she shares personal experiences of trying to lose weight and its history, and describes its system. Journalists “Vladim” watched the first movie and say that the fight against kilograms Chekhova was a long one. At 16, she weighed 75 kg. “I Have nutritionists were more than men” – ironically the star. According to Chekhova, did not help her neither drugs nor diet, nor exercise. She has also recovered from one of the rolls.

25 years of weight loss experience turned into four mini-film about a weight loss program that promises to help many. They Anfisa shared with admirers, because she knows all the stages of suffering that brings people with a similar problem.