Angela Merkel in Hitler on the front page of a Turkish daily

Angela Merkel with a little mustache and a Nazi uniform: a Turkish pro-government newspaper published a photo-montage of the German Chancellor depicted in Hitler during a crisis between Ankara and the EU.
“A Hitler in the feminine,” headlines the daily Günes with a swastika, the #FrauHitler sharp word, but also the mention “Aunt moche” barring the photomontage of Angela Merkel who occupies three quarters of the front page of the newspaper.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused Germany and the Netherlands of “Nazi practices” after the two countries banned holding meetings in their territories in favor of a referendum on extending its powers.
“By embracing terrorist organizations (…), Germany is mounting all of Europe against Turkey,” Günes writes in a subtitle. The newspaper echoes the accusations of the Turkish government accusing Berlin of harboring Kurdish separatists and alleged coup plotters involved in the failed coup attempt of 15 July.
Asked about this photomontage, the German government’s deputy spokesman Georg Streiter merely reaffirmed Germany’s position on the charges of Nazism. “We are not participating in this contest of provocations,” he said.
The German Chancellery had reacted to the accusations of “Nazism” launched by Mr. Erdogan calling Turkey to “keep a cool head”. The Chancellor’s spokesperson, Steffen Seibert, said that “comparisons to Nazism are always absurd and inappropriate, because they amount to minimizing the crimes against humanity of National Socialism.”
On her website, Günes published another photo-montage of the Chancellor with a brush mustache performing the Nazi salute, under the title: “There is no difference with Hitler.”
Turkey had condemned the front page of the German newspaper Bild, which claimed “truth in front” of President Erdogan, proclaiming persona non grata in Germany and denouncing his “madness of power”.
This article is “the product of a mentality fueled by racism and xenophobia”, said in a statement the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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