Angèle Dubeau was awarded the prix RIDEAU Tribute

Photo: Pedro Ruiz The Duty
Angèle Dubeau has received the RIDEAU award, which highlights the contribution of the violinist in the democratization of classical music.

When she had her first violin at the age of four years, Angèle Dubeau was quick to give her the bed for her doll. It wasn then every night, wishing him good night. Since, the virtuoso Angèle Dubeau has never ceased to play the violin. Except during the painful treatment for breast cancer a few years ago. When it was then taken up, the violin was crying and she was crying with him, ” she says.


Tuesday, Angèle Dubeau was awarded the prix RIDEAU Tribute award, presented by the independent Network of presenters of artistic events. This award recognizes in particular the contribution of the violinist in the democratization of classical music.

There are many people in classical music who did not understand what I was doing and who came to ridicule this path of wanting to try to join everyone
Angèle Dubeau, violinist

“Create links “


“I’ve always had this desire to de-mystify the classical music, said the musician in an interview. I’ve always said and thought that the music is the property of all the world. “


Perhaps this is the legacy of his childhood, to Saint-Norbert, in Lanaudière, as the seventh of a family of eight children ? For decades, Angèle Dubeau challenging the conventions related to the representations of classical music, particularly by addressing the audience on stage and telling anecdotes related to the music. “At the time, it was a small revolution,” she said. She then discovers that, merely by changing the coating of the classical music, it becomes more accessible to a greater number of listeners.


Later, Angèle Dubeau will be a nod to Let’s Dance by David Bowie by giving the title Let’s Dance to an album of classical dances, but by registering an extract of 90 seconds of Let’s Dance by Bowie at the end of the album. “This extract lasted no longer than three minutes, but we talked about it more than all the rest. It did shake. […] Me, it made me laugh. I had to find a way to get people to listen to. It is not rocket science. I have more than one trick in my bag. I’ve always wanted to create links “, she says.


Angèle Dubeau has therefore always wanted to touch the most people possible with his music, and it is arrival.


But along the way, some monks of the classical music have ridiculed this journey. “There are a lot of people to classical music who did not understand what I was doing and who came to ridicule this path of wanting to try to reach everybody,” she recalls. But I had my reasons to do so. It is a decision that I made myself. And it is as in anything, if you want to move things, to change things, there are people who play from the elbow or scratching. “


Broadcasters will remember as surely as Angèle Dubeau has made a point of marching through the province of Quebec at the meeting of a public that is too far away to attend classical concerts. “I know that I am the only musician in the classic, which has been a joy to go to any region, in province. […] I wanted to take the music where people have little access to, or not at all, ” she said. For Dubeau, the reason being the musician, it is his public. And this public, she wants to meet him.


Ask her baggage


Whether across the globe or across the province of Quebec, Angèle Dubeau has spent a good part of his life in his luggage. It is this which has led, moreover, to announce his last tour, titled For the last time in 2017. “I put my luggage, but I don’t put my violin,” she said. His violin rather. Since the age of 15 years, Angèle Dubeau plays on the ” Des Rosiers “, a Stradivarius of 1733, which had belonged to the virtuoso Arthur Leblanc, and she has nicknamed ” Arthur “. For security reasons, when some travel abroad, it plays rather on a French violin music of 1864, made by Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume.


This year, the musician is also celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Fête de la musique Mont-Tremblant, she has designed and for which it assumes the artistic direction. Her husband, François-Mario Labbé, president of the record company Analekta, is the director-general. Classical music, jazz, reggae-fusion, and the inuit throat singing mingle freely, which allows the public to get exposed to different genres during the same event. “For me, good music is good music,” she said.


In 1997, Dubeau created the all The Pietà, composed only of women, first just to record an album of Vivaldi.


“I wanted to do both the solo and the direction,” she recalls. On paper, it traces a list of the names of the people with whom she wants to work. It turns out that these are exclusively women’s names. Beyond this first disc, the ensemble La Pietà will accompany him during 20 years, on-disk and across the world.


“As a soloist, you’re always alone. You play with orchestras, with conductors, but you’re always alone, ” she said to explain this turning point of his career.


To 55 years, Angèle Dubeau will cease touring. But the music is not more accessible than ever before, among others by streaming ? note-t-it. It must be said that the violinist, who has sold some 600 000 albums in his career, has also raised $ 35 million listening sessions ongoing in more than 100 countries.


She has not finished converting the world to his music, and is interested more in the music industry, films and video games.