Angelina Jolie was in the hospital in critical condition

Анджелина Джоли попала в больницу в критическом состоянии

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie was in the hospital after he lost consciousness in his home. Star conceals critical condition. About it reports “TSN”.

In the Hollywood actress, who finally agreed to divorce with brad pitt, serious health problems.

Angelina Jolie was hospitalized in March 2018, but the information about it hit the media just now.

Who is called “ambulance” – a maid or someone of the older children is unknown. The actress was immediately taken to the hospital. According to NW, the results of the survey, it became clear that angelina’s exhaustion.

The star suffers from insomnia and loss of appetite. It weakens her physically, and leads to exhaustion of the nervous system. Jolie denies his illness.

Ex-husband brad pitt are concerned about the state of her health. He asked angelina to be examined.

Brad tries to convince angelina to go to the clinic to undergo rehabilitation course. But Jolie opposed.