Anna Kalashnikov admires the fifth point Volochkova

Anna Kalashnikov began to protect Anastasia Volochkova after the next scandal connected with the ballerina. Model, above all, admires the fifth point of the dancer.


Volochkova was once again the centre of a sex scandal, she has previously published in “the cobweb” candid photographs with his participation, where he engages in amorous pleasures. Photographed events a former boyfriend of the ballerina, but the images were only after six months of separation.

Girlfriend star Anna Kalashnikov tried to stand up for the ballerina. The actress reports that Hollywood actors consistently show the public their own charm and their background Volochkova looks no worse, and even better in some moments. According to the model, the dancer has the right to show off their buttocks.

Volochkova became angry and called the publishers of such photos, nasty types. She believes that such images can place people who do not have sex, and she has an intimate relationship. Also, it is not going to make excuses for what happened.