Anne Dorval and Marc Labrèche in a new comedy series

Anne Dorval et Marc Labrèche dans une nouvelle série humoristique

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MONTREAL | actor Fabien Cloutier will be able to count on Anne Dorval, a hairdresser and mayor of a village of a region), as well as Marc Labrèche (her boss at the factory) in his new comedy series , Leo, which will land on the Club illico to the end of the year, it was learnt on Monday.

But be careful, you should not expect to find the famous tandem of the Heart and its reasons in the new comedy of situation, whose filming will begin this spring.

“We do not seek to re-create the duo. They will meet perhaps only once. The first one was to find who had the potential to play in all situations. I believe they will still surprise us,” said Fabien Cloutier during a teleconference.

Moreover, the distribution account and also other big names, “extraordinary people”, including Julien Poulin (father of Leo), Steve Laplante (Chabot, the friend of Leo) – also among the authors in the credits, and Marie-Laurence Moreau, who will be the heart beat of our hero. Other well-known faces will also make appearances over the 12 episodes, 30 minutes each.

Evening ARTIS

At the last evening ARTIS, the comedian, Fabien Cloutier had been surprised to learn live from the red carpet that his project series, inspired by his one-man shows Scotstown and Cranbourne, was going to come to fruition.

“I created this character in 2005. It was then aged in the early twenties, told the comedian beauceron. I wanted it to have my age today. Before, he was looking more to party. At 40, he seeks happiness. You want to be happy, it does not belong to the regions, or a city, or a social class. It is a deep need of all people.”

The main protagonist, a dropout, has much prevailed in his youth prolonged, cumulative short courtship and has experience working odd jobs to black. “It is part of the 40 % of guys who don’t finish high school, who must find a job, guys who will often have spouses with more education than themselves, who earns a bigger salary,” has detailed the one who lends him his traits.

The happiness of ordinary

At the turn of the forties, Leo’s looking for and begins to dream of an ordinary life, to “find the love” with whom to share his life, surrounded by his family, having barbecues on the patio. “It’s going to reach the world by his simplicity, his kindness and the fact that its defects are not removed. This is what will make it endearing,” promised the actor a nomination at the next evening ARTIS.

The fictional village of Wallace (on the South Shore of Montreal), a small community tightly woven, will serve as the theatre for the adventures of our guy. “It is in the region for real. The situations of the characters in the show throughout.”

“We want to magnify the campaign rather than make it pessimistic, bring out the light of the characters”, said for his part the director, Jean-François Chagnon (“Like-me”, “appendices”, “Bye Bye”).

Leo will be available on Club illico to the end of the year.