Another person who took part in the ATO, given the status of a disabled war

570x340-images-news-122014-eb07971174b74f3241f2e5baf1861110December 19 commission management Social Welfare Sosnivsky district headed by Deputy Director of the Department – Head of the Social Welfare Department Sosnivsky area of social policy Cherkasy City Council Valentina Ivanovna Lytvynovych 1 other person who participated in the ATO gave the status of disabled war.

As of today 4 persons who participated in the ATO, given the status of disabled veterans and 29 family members of military servicemen and officers of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, who died (died) due to injury, concussion or injury received while attending terrorist operation, commissions Department of Social Policy Cherkasy City Council established the status of the person covered by the Law of Ukraine “On Status of Veterans, guarantees of their social protection” – the status of a family member of the deceased (the deceased).

This informs Valentine Lytvynovych.

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