Another special moment for Anderson

Craig and Nicholle Anderson shared a special moment on Wednesday night – another – when the Ottawa Senators goaltender was named the Bill-Masterton trophy winner as the player with the finest qualities of perseverance and ‘team spirit.

“Where to start,” launched an emotional Anderson when he climbed onto the T-Mobile Arena stage to accept the trophy as part of the NHL Trophy Awards, being afraid to forget someone In his sales pitch where he thanked the organization, his teammates, the hockey community and their two families.

“There are so many people to thank … My teammates have been huge through all this, I love you so much. My wife Nicholle, I love you so much. Our family was so powerful through it all. Without them and the strength of Nicholle … It was she who wanted me to return to play, thanks to all the support we have obtained. Our friends, our families, my agent, I hope I have not forgotten anyone. Stay in the moment, live for the present, “he said while his spouse, in remission of his cancer for a few weeks, was weeping a few tears.

“She is the best. She refused to accompany me on the stage because she does not like the spotlight. She found herself under these in spite of herself and now she is trying to take advantage of it to do good, “he said later in the interview room.

Her spouse, who had announced her remission of a rare form of throat cancer, was obviously very happy to be able to support her again, as her husband had done by taking two months off to be at his bedside In the middle of the season, in November and December.

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“It’s very special for me to be here, to be able to support him and be there for him now,” she said when she reached the arena. “When I was going through difficult times, I called him and he told me not to let go, that the finish line was very close. Every game he played brought us closer to the finish line. ”

Team spirit

Nicholle Anderson said she told her husband that her club would reach at least the third round of the playoffs before they start. His confidence in making this prediction came from the team spirit that the Senators had forged by coming together to face their various challenges, including his cancer and Clarke MacArthur’s concussion early in the campaign.

The highlight of the season came in late October when the Senators announced that Anderson had gone to Nicholle’s bedside after the diagnosis had fallen. But he came back when his assistant Andrew Hammond was injured in a game in Calgary. He returned to bleach the Edmonton Oilers 2-0 on 30 October.

“When we saw that Andrew was hurt and I told him his club needed him, we were in shock. We thought it was feasible, that he would be able to handle emotions. After this game, my heart was very tight, it really touched me greatly to see him do it, “Nicholle said.

4th Frank-Selke Trophy for Patrice Bergeron
The Boston Bruins striker was named the NHL’s best defensive forward. The Sillery native became the only player with Bob Gainey (Canadian) won the title four times. The Bruins captain was crowned in 2012, 2014 and 2015. The 31-year-old forward was nominated for the sixth consecutive year, the longest in the history of the trophy, tied with Pavel Datsyuk.