Apple creates an iPad with a frameless option Face ID

Apple is preparing to release a new frameless the iPad with the function of recognition of persons Face ID. Anniversary smartphone X iPhone and the huge success of what he enjoys on the market today have inspired manufacturers to create new device.


The tenth generation of the iPhone impressed users a huge edge-to-edge display with OLED technology. However, if the developers intend to use have repeatedly proven technology of liquid crystals. With a smartphone, iPad will rodnite frameless design and feature set. According to rumors, to witness the novelty will be in the next year, the official premiere is scheduled for the second half of 2018. The new gadget will get a lot in common with the iPad Pro with a screen of 10.5 inches. It was introduced this summer in July.

Presumably, the new gadget will create an improved version of stylus pen for Apple Pencil – it is very popular among users of business class. Other details nobody can not tell. It is noted that the frameless design may be a new “trick” that will adopt the producers of “Apple” devices in the next year. No doubt the developers will try to maximize the use of new technology.