Apple in 2018 will release three heir iPhone X

Apple in 2018 will release three “successor” flagship of this season iPhone X, this is reported by analysts. According to experts, one of the smartphones will be an improved version of the anniversary model.


According to analysts, the model will receive 5.8 and 6.5 inch OLED screen, and another flagship release from 6.1 inch LCD display. The latest smartphone will be a continuation of the series of anniversary device, but what improvements will be made to the development – not specified.

Experts also said that the developers wanted to get rid of the fingerprint scanner, because this type of protection is out of date. About the cost models are not yet known, but the Junior model will cost 649 dollars. It was previously reported that iPhone X from time to time complaining about the flaws in the smartphone, noting that for the money the phone must be a model for all.