Apple mistakenly buried John Travolta

Users of “smart” devices from Apple could face with the unexpected news of the death of famous Hollywood actor John Travolta. When the question of the voice assistant Siri on the age of the actor, it gave users the information that he died in 2009.


Some users of the iOS operating system are faced with unexpected facts about the death of popular actor John Travolta. Experts believe that the voice assistant Siri has misinterpreted the data about the death of Travolta’s son, who died eight years ago. Upon discovering this discrepancy, the company immediately reported the flaw, which Apple representatives promised to resolve in the near future.

Note that incorrect data about the death of actor voice assistant Siri provides only in Poland, Austria and the United States of America, and in Russia the Russian version of aide produces the correct data. I should add that earlier the head of Apple Tim cook said that Siri takes the information from open sources, and in view of the multitude of “fake” news, it is often misled.