Apple will offer the Russians a replacement iPhone screen for the day

Apple representatives in the person of one of its global partners B2X developed a service by which it will be possible to Express repair iPhone screens per day, said representatives of the national press.


Until the spring of this year, formally to repair the broken screen of the iPhone in Russia, the service from Apple was impossible. There was only possible with an additional charge to replace damaged smartphone new, but in may, in Moscow, opened the center, which is proposed to replace the screen within two days.

Apple B2X offer fix iPhone screen in Moscow for the day. Some users on the network recognized that the replacement took them and did an hour. The minimum cost of services for owners of smartphones iPhone 6s and later models – 12,5 thousand rubles. For example, to replace the display on the iPhone 7 Plus, again, for the day, but will have to pay to 14.6 thousand rubles, but for top-end flagship iPhone X display, roughly speaking, irreplaceable, it will have to change the whole unit and pay for it will have almost 44 thousand rubles.

As you know, the company store Apple Store in Russia is absent. There is a quick and official replacement of the screen, but now you can do this via B2X.