Apple will repair a battery Watch 2 for free

American Corporation Apple has launched a new service campaign in relation to clock Watch 2. Now, the company will repair swollen batteries and the damaged device for free. It is worth mentioning that Apple Watch 2 is the most popular smart watch on the market, so Apple just made millions of people a gift.

The report notes that the free repair of the battery will only apply to the second version of hours in a 42mm version, which is no longer included due to a bad battery. Exactly the same opportunity, free repair, and get the owners Apple Watch 2, which was noticed on your device, problems with the screen. Condition cupertinos the company announced one – a smart watch must be in active use no more than three years from the date of purchase.

When Apple was running this company for repair, they are faced with the problem that when people enter into an agreement for service, employees of the “Apple” of the company about the new policy they don’t tell you. All the Apple Watch 2, which will pass on the repair through the Genius website, check specialists. If the detected breakage of the doubt cause not, then it will be repaired free of charge.

It is worth noting that the Apple Watch is the most popular smartwatch in the world. Their market share is more than 70%.