Applications for work during the 2018 world Cup was made by only two companies taxi

Only two taxi companies have applied to receive voluntary accreditation for passenger transport during the World Cup in Rostov region. Companies are going to accredit more than 100 machines.

This was reported the Deputy head of the regional Ministry of transport Sergey Ushakov. According to the official, to date, the Agency has applied only two applications in the amount of 140 cars to receive voluntary accreditation for the transportation of passengers and baggage in the region at the time of the world championship of football. The official hinted that restrictions on the number of accredited machines is not available, so all the taxi companies can obtain accreditation.

Accreditation of taxi was launched on 2 April this year and she did not have to pay. To obtain a specific carrier shall provide to the Agency an application and documents specified in the regulation issued by the authorities of the region. According to regional authorities, the list of requirements for a taxi car for the transport of passengers to the stadium “Rostov-arena”, the possibility of cashless payment and the availability of dispatchers who speak English.