Archaeologists have found a seal of the Prince Svyatoslav near Kostroma

Near Kostroma archaeologists have found a seal of the Prince Svyatoslav. Excavations took place in the vicinity Macarius of Unzha district.


Sensational discovery scientists have discovered in the last year. However, the archaeologists did not recognize a print of the famous Prince Svyatoslav, thinking it was a coin of the ruler Yaroslav the Wise. Only now historians realized that they discovered the item is a lead seal. Scientists have found out that even in ancient times it was divided into two parts. On the reverse side of the print you can see part of the Trident, a patrimonial sign of the Rurik dynasty. These objects served as a canopy letter. Historians believe that the print belongs to the son of Yaroslav the Wise, Svyatoslav.

Recall that these excavations have led to a new discovery: it turns out that the strength of the Unzha was a major trading Outpost.