Arctic cold for New Year’s celebrations

Photo: The Duty
The City of Montreal has invited the participants to “dress to brave the cold conditions-polar”.

It is by an arctic cold that will be held Sunday evening, New Year’s celebrations in Canada.


The cold wave that continues in the country has forced several cities in the country to cancel outdoor events.


Considering the wind chill, the temperature felt will be around minus 35 degrees Celsius, as much in Montreal as in Quebec.


The services of weather prevent the population, especially to people whose health is fragile, and children, the risks of frostbite.


The festivities will still take place. In Montreal, they will take place in the Old Port.


This afternoon, a great feast free was served to all visitors at the Bonsecours Market. Meat pie, pea soup and pudding unemployed were on the menu.


In the evening, a performance will take place on the stage of the Jacques-Cartier quay. Among the artists present, there are Garou, Vincent Vallières, Daniel Bélanger, and My Ancestors. A fireworks display will mark the arrival of 2018.


In a press release, the City of Montreal has invited the participants to ” dress for weather conditions of polar cold and to consume alcohol moderately in order not to increase the effects of cold “.


In Quebec city, Grande Allée will be the gathering place of the revelers. Two scenes have been installed on the site, which stretches from the hotel to The Concorde to the national Assembly. One will be dedicated to the traditional music of québec. The other will bring in a DJ.


Elsewhere in Canada


Sunday, Calgary and Edmonton were added to the long list of locations — Ottawa and Toronto — who have had to adjust their plan because of warnings of extreme cold being disseminated by Environment Canada.


A spokesman for the City of Edmonton wrote in a press release that the activities will be moved inside. Although the fireworks are always planned at the stroke of midnight, the authorities encourage the citizens to follow the celebrations on the web.


Calgary has announced that its dance event family would always take place from 19 h to 21 h, but the City has invited the citizens to look at the ball of the New Year down at the tv and not outside in the cold.


Cape Breton has also cancelled its outdoor activities on Sunday afternoon, noting that Environment Canada had predicted wind gusts of 50 km/h, which could bring down the mercury to minus 20 degrees Celcius.


The City of Mississauga, Ontario, has followed the Toronto postponing outdoor activities so that they are held 30 minutes before the stroke of midnight.