The armed attackers made ​​a fire in the restaurant

1dd3e716ff7e3b63af24f0308ee3c6deDrunk quarrel between men nearly led to fatal consequences – except in the course of argument went traumatic guns and grenades. Fortunately explosive ammunition failed. The perpetrators arrested. Continues pre-trial investigation.

By the next part Battalion patrol was reported that, along with one of the nightclubs unknown person shoots a firearm. At the scene was immediately sent to the next outfits.

On arrival at the address provided to law enforcement officers rushed the man and said that he and his friend attacked by unknown. He said it was clear that among men who were resting in the entertainment establishment verbal altercation occurred, during which one of the assailants shot him in the face 39-year-old friend from a traumatic pistol, then deliver object resembling a grenade and tossed in their direction. Then the attackers quickly got into the car and gone, but the victim was able to remember the license plate car fugitives. Realizing the dangers are armed youths, police immediately began their search. After a few minutes attackers were arrested on a street in the city.

Upon arrival detention workers investigative team reviewed by car and passengers, during which one of them was found and seized a pistol traumatic erased from the number. Near entertainment venue where shooting took place, as has been the review, during which police found object like a hand grenade RGD-5, which was subsequently disposed of employees explosion technical service.

Currently detained intruders. Opened criminal proceedings on the basis of Article 15 of Part 2, Clause 1, Clause 7 Part 2 st.115 Criminal Code of Ukraine – “attempted murder”. Sanction article provides for punishment of imprisonment for a term of ten to fifteen years or life imprisonment. This informs SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Cherkasy region.

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