Artem Sytnik criticized the slow pace of NACP

Артем Сытник раскритиковал медленные темпы работы НАПК

National anti-corruption Bureau has sent 39 requests to the NACP to conduct a full validation of e-returns, but only got 8 replies. This was stated by Director of the NABU Sytnyk during the presentation of the report on the work of the anti-corruption Bureau in the first half of 2018, which was broadcast channel “112 Ukraine”.

“We have these explanations do not expect (from NACP – ed), and our position is that these explanations are needed in order to conduct the investigation. Of the 39 queries that we sent to NACP for a full scan, it is an example of responses received a total of 8 queries. With the pace of the work tied to the idea of NACP for the investigation of cases in this category, we will not. Here I am unanimous with the team of detectives that this explanation has no legal effect and we will proceed solely from the evidence collected,” said Sitnik.

Sytnik said that in the production of NABOO 72 criminal cases in respect of e-returns, the total amount of undeclared income established for these cases amounted to 769 million.

This is mainly people’s deputies and judges. According to Sytnik, the first case in this category went to court.

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