Artificial intelligence system XiaoIce is able to maintain a meaningful conversation

Система искусственного интеллекта XiaoIce способна поддерживать осмысленную беседу

Currently, all the more widespread variety of programs and assistance a program called carbothane, which are based on the principles of artificial intelligence. With some functions such programs are doing great, but, in most cases, they are not “smart” in order to enable them long enough to maintain a meaningful conversation with the person. However, not long ago, the artificial intelligence system XiaoIce, developed by Microsoft, received a number of new features. Now in this system used several different principles of perception of information, so it may fool the person who won’t be able to determine that he is talking to the computer and not the other person, reports

“Full duplex” is a term from the field of telecommunications, describing the process of information exchange in which information can be transmitted in both directions simultaneously. This is very similar to two people speaking at the same time. All modern chatbot use only half of the full duplex, the so-called half-duplex, where information is transmitted first in one direction, from man to program, for example, and then in the opposite direction, when a program gives a person a response.

A distinctive feature of the system XiaoIce is that it is able to communicate with a person in full-duplex mode that makes sense in some situations. This means that the system is capable of quickly and with high probability to predict what his interlocutor, whether he will continue his thought or completes the statement. Thus, the system XiaoIce is able to give an answer instantly, rather than forcing the person to wait while the computer “digests” said and searches on databases in search of a suitable answer.

Artificial intelligence XiaoIce makes this system by orders of magnitude smarter than existing chatbots. She is deprived of their main drawback is recurrence after some time the same answers, which makes the process of communicating with the chatbot uninteresting and tedious for a person in a short time of fellowship.

In addition to the above, the system XiaoIce has already received several new abilities, which help it more accurately mimics the behavior of a living person. These abilities include the ability to change the topic of conversation, end the call and return to the original topic. Now the engineers and programmers of Microsoft are working to integrate all proven innovations in chatbot Zo-oriented communication with the American citizens, and chatbot Rinna-oriented Japan.

In light of the above, some of our readers will expect that the system-assistant Cortana will soon become more talkative and smart. I hasten to disappoint you that all the above new technology of artificial intelligence will not soon be ready for commercial use. However, the moment when something similar will appear on our smartphones and computers, sooner or later, but inevitably will come.