Artificial intelligence wins cancer for 40 years in our lifetime

Scientists from London’s Imperial College found that the artificial intelligence is able to beat cancer for 40 years in our lifetime. On the work of Sam Cooper, a postgraduate student of the Institute of cancer research, wrote the Guardian.


Sam Cooper going to do a startup based on artificial intelligence or deep learning. The project will enable automated explore images of the biopsy, delegating AI diagnosis of cancer and how new drugs from cancer affect the body.

Diagnosis algorithms of AI, more accurate than established by man. AI is unbiased, it is noticeable subtleties that will not pay attention people. Automated processes 1-2 days to process more than 1,000 images, the understanding of which people will spend months.

According to Cooper, in-depth study, the subject of long-standing interest of researchers, today attractive for investors. Training AI, progress programming and development of neural networks, as well as the growth and podeshevenie computing power will lead to technological breakthroughs that will create the cure for cancer. New technologies already allow for the examination of optical biopsy, and 16% more doctor determine the metastases of breast cancer.