As a result of forest fires in Northern California, five people died

В результате лесных пожаров в Северной Калифорнии погибли пять человек

As a result of forest fire in Northern California, five people died. It is reported by CNN.

“On Friday afternoon, five bodies were discovered in a burned-out vehicle”, – stated in the message.

The flames destroyed about 2 thousand houses. In hazardous areas remain 15 thousand people. Sent 18 helicopters.

Three firefighters were injured. Just eliminate the flames are 2 thousand people.

The fire, which was given the name Camp Fire (Camp fire) can become the fourth most destructive fire in California history.

The fire started Wednesday morning in Butte County and has spread due to strong winds. Evacuated 20 thousand people.

At the end of summer in Northern California was prososal the largest in its history wildfire. 6 people died, among them there are children.

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