“As silicon grandmother”: Ani Lorak in a new outfit aged 10 years

Singer Ani Lorak on the page in social network Instagram showed a mixed picture, which immediately criticized the hundreds of subscribers. They were sure that the Ukrainian artist in that outfit was similar to “silicone grandmother.”


“Jeez, you’re for a new clip in that stupid outfit then starred as the grandmother”, – wrote one of podeschi. It should be noted that tight beige outfit and a fancy makeup made its: lorac began to look a few years older. Because of this, the singer has undergone massive criticism. Some noted that it is the old grandmother, who lie under the surgeon’s knife and put yourself silicone Breasts, buttocks and so on.

“Here are the silicone grandmother”, – wrote one Instagram user. “VladTime” notes that so Lorak already not once shocked his fans. Mostly the outfits were Frank but not giving age.