As you have used bezveza?

Как вы воспользовались безвизом?

As you have used bezveza? [question of the day]
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Figure: the Archives of “KP”

Serge GAGARIN, host of radio “Friday”, the producer, the showman:

– While there was need and desire. And making the child a passport and spending a lot of time, decided I would wait out the hype. Summer family vacations spent in Turkey, where a visa is not needed. Just now thinking to make a biometric passport, because in November booked a flight to Poland.

Ruslan KRAVCHENKO, welder, Kiev:

– My wife years ago bet. I said that bezviz will, but she can’t. Arguing for a bottle of whiskey, and I have your winning received.

Alla KUCHUK, nurse, Dnipro:

– I’ve used it a few times, but in reality did not have the courage and money. But going to the Catholic Christmas in Poland – to visit a school friend I found after 25 years!

Darina KUCHER, Illustrator, Kharkov:

– This year went to Poland, Spain, Germany and France. Now looking for tickets to Portugal and dream of the Canary Islands. With biznesom travel has become much easier and more enjoyable.

Andrey MATYUSHENKO, driver, Lviv:

– Started to go with friends for food to Poland for the weekend – previously, there was no time to wander around the embassies and collect documents and biometric passport – no problem.

Olga PAVLENKO, a pensioner in Zaporozhye:

Daughter three years ago married a German, and everybody called to visit. For two years we fought abroad was never as scary. And then this bezviz, and we succumbed to the entreaties. Went well but worried about the road that decided not to go – let the young bezveza use.

Anastasia GORSHKOVA, accountant, Kiev:

– Yet I did. But the sister of her husband’s lifelong dream to see the Eiffel tower and Venice, but due to the fact that it was necessary visa to open, the trip was postponed. When simplified, the whole family went to tour in Europe, and it has pictures from Paris sends.

Gennady SHASHKOV, entrepreneur, Kiev:

Now at any moment to fly to the suppliers from Europe, if only plane tickets were available.

Alexander, the reader of

– We plan this summer to go to the grave of his grandfather, who died during the fighting during the liberation of Romania from the Nazi invaders.